Service. Focus. Integrity. Awareness. Culture.

Fracctal is a forward-thinking technology company with core values that dictate how we conduct ourselves and our business. We believe in:


Listen intently. Plan carefully. Act Accordingly.

Exceed customer expectations in every interaction. Always be available. Understand what customers say, roadmap with precision, and utilize versatility and experience to deliver exceptional service and outcomes.



Work hard. Be smart. Learn continuously.

Meet business objectives and achieve goals through hard work, subject matter expertise, and continuous learning. Diligence instead of shortcuts. Technical knowledge instead of guesswork. Dynamic instead of static.



Operate honestly. Compete fairly. Be accountable.

Operate honestly and ethically, even when no one is watching, even when doing so is uncomfortable. Compete hard and win on merit. Respect our customers, our competitors, and ourselves. Full accountability, no excuses.



Understand our role. Elevate our firm. Better our World.

Maintain an informed and holistic understanding of our market, our firm, and our world. Become a responsible and integral part of the Edge computing ecosystem while recognizing that our words and actions have implications far beyond the Edge.



Be inclusive. Reward excellence. Have fun.

Cultivate an enlightened, inclusive workplace that handles every encounter with dignity and respect. Reward teamwork, accomplishment, and excellence. Encourage meaningful time away with friends, family, and personal pursuits.

Tim Case

CEO / Founder

Tim is a highly accomplished Information Technology engineer with over 20 years of experience. He has designed and built service provider networks and datacenters of all sizes, from micro to hyperscale. This passion for communications and cutting-edge technology led him to edge computing as the next paradigm shift in processing and storage.

When not obsessing about the future of technology and its impact on human evolution, Tim enjoys reading science fiction; watching Netflix shows about time travel; whitewater kayaking; and skydiving. A highly unaccomplished musician, Tim is a decent guitarist, relatively poor drummer, and worse cellist who nevertheless loves playing all three.

On fall Sundays, Tim can be found watching his beloved Washington Commanders quest for their next Super Bowl championship.

Paul Blasquez

CTO / Co-Founder
Paul is a NetDevOps architect who has set his sights on the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence. He has honed his skills with two decades of experience in network engineering, systems administration and software development. His passion for creating reliable solutions in complex technological environments has naturally led him to explore the exciting possibilities of AI, where he can use his expertise to help advance the field and shape its future.
In real life, Paul is a family man, outdoorsman, woodworker, machinist, welder, guitarist and US Army veteran (44E OEF/OIF). He enjoys reading and watching multiple genres, especially hard science fiction and historical westerns.
In virtual life, he’s a PC gamer who enjoys various city builder games between grinding for the rank of Grand Champ in Rocket League.
Nick Parisi

Nick Parisi

COO / Co-Founder

Nick has over twenty-five years of experience architecting, securing and supporting advanced networking, messaging and database systems for some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations. He holds several technical certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+).

Nick also enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters; listening to music; reading fiction and biographies; and studying business and entrepreneurship.

On fall Sundays, Nick can be found watching his beloved Philadelphia Eagles quest for their next Super Bowl championship.

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