Engineering state-of-the-art goodness
in our technology lab

We're hard at work building next-generation artificial intelligence infrastructure custom-designed for the compute edge.

Introducing Edge AI-as-a-Service by Fracctal.

Edge AI-as-a-Service​

Efficient. Scalable. Secure.​
Extreme technical engineering, cutting-edge AI processors, and an easy-to-use abstraction layer deliver an exceptional AI inferencing solution.​

Enterprise-grade AI inferencing

for computer vision and other use cases ​


Edge-native architecture

eliminates cloud-related latency, bandwidth, and cost issues


Efficient AI processors

use 10x less power than GPU-based alternatives, and eliminate GPU-related scaling and availability issues



AI-as-a-Service infrastructure

To learn more about Fracctal's Edge AI-as-a-Service and how it can supercharge your business, contact us today!
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