What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a new technical paradigm.

Edge architecture moves certain computational, networking, storage, and acceleration elements from highly centralized locations such as a cloud datacenters to “action areas” where fast processing and low-latency data transfer are critically important.

Smart cities, automated manufacturing floors, intelligent transportation grids, and self-driving vehicles are just a few of the areas that will see radical edge-based change.

In some cases, edge will work in tandem with traditional cloud-based systems, while in others edge will have primary or sole computational responsibility. This segmentation will not necessarily be static; rather, dynamic rearrangement based on up-to-the-minute technical and cost calculations will become commonplace.

Why Edge?

We believe that edge technology is transformational.

The explosion of data produced by internet-connected devices and systems is causing significant congestion, reliability and security challenges. Edge computing (combined with other emerging technologies like 5G/6G and AI) will resolve these issues and define commercial, industrial, and mobile computing for the foreseeable future.

Industries including manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, entertainment, security, and medical will transform radically as this new paradigm replaces legacy architectures.

We want to be an integral part of the edge revolution, and look forward to working with you on your edge journey.

What is Intelligent Edge?

Intelligent edge is the smarter way to edge.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the application of computer-based simulations of human intelligence to robust, often real-time datasets to achieve superior analytic outcomes. In many scenarios, AI algorithms “learn” by adjusting dynamically to new inputs.

Intelligent edge utilizes AI technologies to attain rapid problem solving and decision making in specific edge-based use cases. Industrial manufacturing management, video feed interpretation, defect and failure detection, streaming data analysis, and self-driving vehicles are just some of the areas where intelligent edge is having an outsized impact.

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